About Me

Camilla MacFadyen

I am an artist living in Gloucester, MA. My work is inspired by the sea and the natural forms around me. I make colograph printing plates out of seaweed, grasses and other vegetation and print them on hand dyed silk. I love how the movement of the silk brings life back to the forms I've printed. My scarves are one of a kind. They are awash in color and pattern and come in several sizes. They are made from silk charmeuse, crepe de chine and chiffon. My wall pieces are created by a process like alchemy where I collect flotsam and jetsam from a specific site, return to my studio, and use the objects to print the landscape they came from. I use rocks, wood, plant material, metal, shells, seaweed, etc. Anything that catches my eye. The wallhangings are hung on hand crafted wooden supports that mount onto the wall. My work is an ongoing exploration of the patterns of nature around me, and the colors that fill my head.

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